Seismic Activity

Asset management in seismic active regions

Here in the north of the Netherlands we are confronted with regional induced earthquakes due to gas exploration. The combination of deep reflecting salt layers and an extremely variation of soils in the jelly like top layer result in abnormal intensity of the induced earthquakes at suface level. 

The abnormal intensity in combination with the ofter poorly constructed houses leads to wide spread damage and even live threatening situations.

Often damage is the result of slowly rising tensions in wall and constructions due to subsidence and ground water level management.  A minor earthquake in combination with the already present tension often leads to sudden damage to buildings in recent years.

We monitor a large numbers of buildings and houses, as well as industrial installations and infrastructural objects like dikes and bridges to asses damage by slow deformation, earthquakes or the combination of the two. Providing a track record of deformation and their root-cause.

Hidden infrastructure

All over the world their is a complete hidden infrastructure of pipes, power lines, communication cables, etc. Earthquakes, ground water variations and subsidence stress these objects, often leading to damage hidden from view.  Minor deformations at (sub)surface level often are the first indicators of something wrong beneath our feet.

The Seismic Grid

The StabiAlert Seismic Sensor Grid

As a company we take our social responsibility serious. To help the northern society cope with the problems they are confronted with we publish all of our sensors that contribute to this grid and where our customers agreed upon to share their data.

Anyone can take a look at the seismic grid by clicking here, or at the image above.