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The StabiAlert Seismic Sensor Grid

Below you see our interactive seismic intensity grid. Just click on of the green dots to view the data. 

If the grid is poorly visible try a reload of the page, or try this page (results may vary with your type of media)

Explanation of the seismic sensor grid

The seismic grid contains two main elements. On the left side one sees a map with green dots. Every dot represents a public available sensor. By clicking a dot a graph with data of the past 24 hours will appear. In the graph you can zoom by dragging your cursor over the graph. One can change its domain via the controls button. 

On the right side there is a column with real-time vibration results from every sensor that provides data. 

Sponsors of the seismic grid

This public sensor grid would not be possible without several sponsors who generously share there data.

To gain more knowledge of the motions and the resulting damages, sharing data is a social responsibility that helps the community to overcome existing problems.

The first sponsors we like to thank are the many private parties and companies who contribute their data to transparency in silence. 

Publishing companies and GO's

Van Hulst drug stores
Kisuma Chemicals
Hunze & AA's

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