The tell tales sings of subsidence

We are capable of visualizing in real-time if and how a wall or foundation is actively subsiding.

Is it subsiding at this moment?

Subsidence and the breaking up of a wall or foundation is not a gradual process. This may seems so on a macro level but in reality is more like a sawtooth process.

Due to the forces exerted on a building, a wall (or foundation) continuously bends and rotates in all directions. As long as the deformations stay within the elasticity of the materials it is made of no damage will occur.

First, the forces 'bend' the wall within its elasticity (1), as soon as the deformation exceed the elasticity, internal friction is overcome, and the wall will break (2). At this moment the structural integrity of a object is endangered. This process takes place at a microscopic level sometimes as fast as every 15 minutes! The now separated pre-tensioned parts (partly) snap into their original shape (3) leaving behind a permanent deformation and a (micro) crack.

So long before any cracks are visual, our sensors can show the structural integrity state of your object.

Fast deteriorating structural integrity.