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Tunnel deformation monitoring

Our revolutionary web-3D software StabiFrame, enables to study the deformation behaviour of tunnels over extended periods and presents the results in unpresendeted clarity!

Tunnels are a vital component of our infrasctructure and understanding their deformation behaviour is a key component for preventive maintenance and future design!

Relocation of UNESCO defense monuments

(Dutch Only!)To relocate the bunkers from the nominated UNESCO world heritage locations "de Hollande Waterlijn" in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands) the complete bunkers have to be lifted from their piles. 

(2nd generation system)

Building sway due to high wind speeds

Measure & analyse building movements caused by wind

The 2nd generation sensors enable us to measure, visualize and quantify the movements of high-rise buildings, sky-scrapers and chimneys due to high wind speeds.

(2nd generation system)

Open Seismic Sensor Grid

(Dutch only!) The OSSG (www. is a open-data platform for induced seismic activities.

System evaluation by Floodcontrol

Trailer providing an impression of macro stability tests 2009 in the north of Holland. Test where very successful and this system was immediately relocated to a real life crises situation.

(1st generation system)

Sensor placement

(Dutch only!) The movie shows what factors to take into account when picking sensor locations for a project. This is done by the 'de Waag' project as example. The video is dutch, but the images speak for them selves. It might be worth giving it a try..

(1st generation system)

Jacking UNESCO "Wevershuisjes"

Due to a breach in a wall of a subway station under construction the famous "wevershuisjes" subsided towards a single corner as much as 24cm within a few seconds, leading to near collapse. We've monitored the reconstructive jacking.

(1st generation system)

Detecting shifting sand layers below tarmac

During a dike macro stability project we needed te know how much the tarmac contributed to the deformation of the dike near the waterline.

(1st generation system)

Crack detector

One of our special solutions. We needed to detect wether two completely separated parts of a building where moving relative to each other within a hollow surface. Therefore we designed and build this custom crack detector.

(1st generation system)

Inclination Bridge

One of our special solutions. We needed to detect wether two completely separated parts of a building where moving relative to each other. Therefore we designed and build this custom Inclination Brigde

(1st generation system)

De Waag First Months

Prior to reconstructive lifting we monitored the normal daily behavior of the UNESCO world heritage building "de Waag" in Amsterdam. The film shows the 3D studie in our tool StabiFrame. Prior, due and post reconstruction we monitored it's stability.

Our first major UNESCO assignment

Our first video!.. it shows some of our activities in 2008-2010. Our first major assignment, the reconstructive jacking of UNESCO world heritage in Amsterdam.

(1st generation system)