Internal Column Deformation

The StabiFrame 4D model. (Click to enlarge)

For demonstration, training and evaluation purposes a StabiAlert sensor is mounted halfway a concrete support pillar.

Based on the dimensions of the pillar, the location of the sensor we can derive the sheer deformation of the pillar.

The dimensions of the pillar, combined with the data from the sensor leeds to a so called 4D (X,Y,Z,time) dynamical visualization that helps you to interpret the effects of the measurements, projected in the graphs, on the object.

Below, the sheer deformation model of the column since the 5th of May 2018. Amplified a 1000 times. Quantification of deformation can be obtained via our StabiFrame tool.

Halfway inclination since moment of installation

Measured inclination (Tilt) since 05-05-2018 00:00:00

All information about the graphs can be obtained at this page

By clicking once and then dragging your mouse over the graph you can zoom.

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Real-time dynamics of the column

Below the real-time dynamics of the pillar during the last hour. Every 15 seconds the data is updated. 

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High frequency data

High frequency data of a train passage.

A further extension of the StabiAlert technology is the recording of events at high frequency. All sensors are equipped with machine training algorithms capable or recognizing abnormalities. On detecting one, a complete set of high frequency data @ 100Hz and 400Hz is send to our servers where through our StabiVibe application you can access them.