Seawalls & Dikes

Macro stability

Seawalls and fresh water embankments keep our feet dry. Despite their static appearance dikes are quite dynamic structures that move and deform. Wind, water, tide, sun and traffic are a few factors that exert enormous forces on our dikes. The entire Dutch society relies on these apparently solid masses as 30% of our country's surface lays below sea-level.

Since our existence we've been heavily involved to guard and study the macro stability of our dikes. For many years now we monitor the stability of several enhanced risk area's of dikes.


Since 2009 we are involved in several real-life breaching tests where real-size dikes are deliberately pushed to the limit of breaching. All tests have proven that our technology is the only one reliable visualizing the actual deformation. We are proud that Floodcontrol in 2015 declared StabiAlert as the to be preferred supplier of dike deformation monitoring in the Netherlands.

Rapid response

We have a rapid response team on call and are able to install a complete stability monitoring system within a few days.


Our macro stability solution is a non-invasive method that uses mainly locally available resources and materials. No heavy machinery is required to insert our sensors into the dike body. As long as a dike is stil accessible for men we can provide a monitoring system turn-key.