UNESCO world heritage

Preserve national treasures

With growing urbanization more and more monumental buildings and world heritage sites are exposed to ever increasing influences from building activities and recreational use.

To prevent damage to these treasures of society we monitor their stability in order to detect slow ongoing deformations before they become a problem. We not only serve this task during the natural state of the monument, but especially when construction activities are done within the immediate vicinity.

Damage prevention

The city of Amsterdam set an absolute example of how to prevent damage during the reconstructive lifting of one of the most historic monuments in the city, de Waag.

A year before construction started the city ordered to install sensors on every important part of the construction. This year (in where there where no building activities) presented the constructors with a set of reference data about the normal daily motions of the building.

Now knowing the normal behavior, they set alarm limits according the gained knowledge. As soon as an alarm was triggered during construction all activities where halted until proper evaluation was taken place. 

During the year long reconstructive lifting not the tiniest of damage was done to the building. Operations of the restaurant could continue while we safeguarded the guests. 

After the reconstructions where finished we monitored for a half year to analyse the new stability of the building.   (Which turned out to be fine.)